Performance Consult

Let’s partner together to troubleshoot glitches in your training and get you back on track towards your goals!

Operating within my scope as a certified strength and conditioning specialist, I listen to your story and perform a thorough assessment via Skype or Google Hangouts. Together we build a game plan that fits both your needs and your schedule, and along the way discuss the evidence and principles that support my programming suggestions.

At the end of the session, I’ll send you my notes as well as an outline of your game plan. My desire is for you to leave the session feeling confident and excited to train, and also equipped with new knowledge.

These consults are an hour long and are $70, less than a personal training session in most globo gyms! If you are a current student, ask me about a student discount!

Click here to fill out the pre-consult questionnaire.

Please note that this is strictly a wellness/performance consultation and is in no way telemedicine or physical therapy services.