Hi friend, thanks for stopping by.

I’m Taylor, a third year doctor of physical therapy student and strength coach who loves to help clinicians and coaches break plateaus in their own training. I do this through thorough assessment, education, and partnering with you to build a game plan worthy of your goals.

My approach to coaching is deeply rooted in the belief that principles inform practice, rather than subscribing to a single method. This eclectic allows me to comprehensively challenge clients’ mindset, mechanics, and energy system development while pursuing their specific goals.

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If you’re new to exercise or unsure how to get started, the Integrity Training Project is designed to help busy clinicians and students meet the ACSM/CDC guidelines for physical activity and resistance training.

The straightforward workouts will build your confidence and competence with basic movement patterns like squats, lunges, hip hinge, pushing, and pulling, and aerobic training templates allow you the flexibility to do cardiovascular exercise that you enjoy.

Outside of the gym and classroom, I love snowboarding, playing sports, eating ramen and cheesy grits (not at the same time!) and exploring all the PNW has to offer.

Certifications and Education:

  • BS Exercise Science, George Fox University
  • NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • Clinical Athlete Weightlifting Coach
  • RRCA Level 1 Running Coach